The Gift Stone

When her Village is threatened by the evil Takano Rynn, leader of the Ruling Order, Rita defeats him in battle and believes him to be dead. She leaves her temple life to join the masses of Central City where she befriends members of the Opposition including Parrin, Star and the little robot Beeps. 

But is Takano Rynn really dead? Or will he return for his revenge?

The Gift Stone, the first book of the Gifted Series by Bianca Rowena, is a Young Adult Sci-Fi / Fantasy novel following Rita, a lowly Temple Girl and Takano Rynn, the feared ruler of the Galaxies, who form a bond that will forever change both of their destinies.




The Virgin Diaries



Twenty-nine year old Abby has never had sex and life is passing her by. She’s determined to start living her adult life, marriage, a house, kids; but first she must start with the scariest thing of all, losing her virginity.

When her boyfriend Ben proves to be the wrong one for her she leaves on a road trip and falls for a charming young man named Jade, who is considerably younger than her.

Find The Virgin Diaries on Amazon or Chapters Indigo


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