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K.J's Athenaeum

Bianca Towns brings you a story which could be straight from Star Wars in TheGiftStone. The Gift Stone is the first book in Bianca Rowena’s The Gifted series. Rita was reviewraised by the temple as a temple girl, but following an encounter with Takano Rynn, leader of the dark army she fed to the obscurity of Central City, where she could be lost to the crowds. Takano had been on a rampage, murdering anyone within the temples, and any who would dare oppose him, all in search of the Gift Stone. It was rumoured it could bring his evil reign to an end, he knew he had to find it before someone else can use it against him. When his path crosses with Rita’s he sees something familiar in her, something he can use to make himself stronger. Fleeing to Central City Rita makes new friends and allies…

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