Today I’m free to go to work (and have a job because I want one) and to buy whatever I want and say whatever I want, as well as post my opinion on a public website like Facebook (not all countries are allowed to use Facebook), even if it’s about the government. I can celebrate whatever I want and write a novel about whatever I want and publish it too if I want, even if I’m a woman, and I’m also free to travel if I want because of something that holds a lot of merit in the world (a Canadian Passport).

So today, at 11am, I took a moment to remember (and write this post) that if the soldiers hadn’t fought for our freedom, back when it was in jeopardy and Canada was a younger and more vulnerable country, we might be under a different type of government right now, living different types of lives, having less rights, the way my parents lived under a communist government, you wouldn’t want that.

If we take just a moment to think on how truly lucky we are to be Canadian we’d be grateful today, and ever day.

Happy Remembrance Day